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ID Date Name Email Description
990002 09/19/21 CavyFancy Webmaster sbdumitru@gmail.com Welcome to CavyFancy. Please post only-ARBA Nationals related messages. All others will be deleted.
000069 10/22/21 Cheryl W cheryl1760@yahoo.com Looking for Nice Blacked white crested . Won’t be there until Sunday & leaving Tuesday.
000068 10/19/21 Jaime Flora JaimeFlora@live.com Looking for American or American Satin black, black roan, red, and himalayan sows. Prefer good rounded heads and larger eyes to balance out my breeding program.
000066 10/18/21 Shannon Hawk1985@outlook.com Looking for a breeding trio of Teddys. Also breeding trio of black Americans.
000063 10/17/21 Dana Kolstad danakol@aol.com I forgot to put the breed. Looking for Teddies in Silver Solid.
000062 10/17/21 Dana Kolstad danakol@aol.com Looking for Silver Solid sows or Golden Solid sows that carry Silver Solid.
000057 10/16/21 Sheila Schwartz-Zych szych@twcny.rr.com Looking for aby tans. Preferably sows but would consider decent boar. Black tans a plus!
000052 10/10/21 Yui xiaoxiang310@gmail.com i looking for American Cals. Pattern at the convention for 5 pairs or any that available for my Cals project.
000049 10/08/21 Elaine Pelizzari Clevercaviesclub@gmail.com Seeking a breeding trio of Cali for my daughter's 4-H project. We are going to convention. These animals would receive the highest quality of care. Records maintained, enrichment, huge indoor cages, homegrown veggies, veterinary care as necessary. I can provide references. Please send a message if you have animals that meet the working standard and you would like to help her get her project off on the right foot.
000048 10/07/21 Ladonna Crowder sassy.cavies@gmail.com Looking for White Crested Black, Lilac, Cream or dilute marked. Brood quality fine prefer no white nose, toes, or belly buttons.
000047 10/07/21 Ladonna Crowder sassy.cavies@gmail.com Looking for Cal Pattern trio cream/choc most desired but want to add quality bodied animals to my very small program.
000044 10/06/21 Dad and Sons Caviary jdrichardson1979@gmail.com Looking for Satin Americans in the following varieties: Black,Red,Brindle,Roan(any color),Cream,White. Boars or Sows, show or breeding quality, junior to senior(senior must be young enough to be able to breed). Thanks!
000043 10/06/21 Faith Shirley Emergencysnail@yahoo.com Iso skinny pig and Peruvian sows
000042 10/06/21 Rebecca Herron Herron04@hotmail.com Looking for american chocolate sows
000036 10/02/21 Peg Hailey quivermom@comcast .net ISO dilute solid Americans
000032 09/29/21 Tamara Castlerockcavies@yahoo.com Looking for a Teddy Satin boar or maybe a pair, either TSW or Broken Color. Pedigrees preferred, pics a must. Show or breeder quality. Also, casually looking for an American Satin boar in self white or cream, show quality.
000030 09/25/21 Laurie Norman lauriebnorman@yahoo.com Looking for Abyssinian in self, Brindle, and roan. Any age.
000027 09/22/21 Hannah Dunlap Dunlha00@gmail.com Casually looking for self slate or slate tan pattern Americans and American Satins.
000025 09/21/21 Kathy Bolingbunnyfarm@msn.com Looking for a pair of Peruvians
000023 09/20/21 Marti Erickson marti_erickson@hotmail.com Looking for a Black, Brindle, or Red White Crested Boar.
000022 09/19/21 Yui Ling Zi xiaoxiang310@gmail.com Hi i am looking for American Californian Pattern,Silkie Californian pattern and Teddies show quality. For the Californian ame i do like to find for 4 pairs or 8 californian pattern ame, 1 pair of silkie Californian pattern and 2 pairs of teddies show quality.
000020 09/19/21 Carly Lang Goatlover52@iCloud.com Hello! I am looking for an Agouti or black white crest. I show under youth ACBA