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ID Date Name Email Description
990001 09/19/21 CavyFancy Webmaster sbdumitru@gmail.com Welcome to CavyFancy. Please post only-ARBA Nationals related messages. All others will be deleted.
000055 10/15/21 Suzette Rundle Cavycargo@yahoo.com Abys available: 1 red Roan sow, 1 self red sow, 2 self red boars and a tri Roan boar.
000053 10/12/21 Bayleigh lileybayleigh72@gmail.com Self black Peruvian boar available from Peruvian x coronet oops possible himi and satin carrier
000051 10/08/21 Sarah Freund Harliehatching@aol.com Black American boar that carries chocolate available as well as a few skinny pigs in a few different colors. Delivery to convention available.
000050 10/08/21 Valerie Blaes B1nnydoc@aol.com I have several young breeder Peruvian Satin boars in community coat- Golden Solid, red, red roan; junior Peruvians in silver agouti, TSW, red; junior/ intermediate silkies in silver agouti, broken, agouti solid.
000046 10/06/21 Kitsiem Kitsiem@gmail.com 2 beautiful dilute broken Swiss boars. Can bring to Convention if pre-paid.
000045 10/06/21 Laurie Norman lauriebnorman@yahoo.com I have the following available for delivery to convention. Only pre-sold cavies will make the trip. 1 Black Coronet Intermediate Sow coat damage, 1 black Roan Coronet Jr Sow, 1 Golden Agouti Roan Coronet Intermediate Boar some coat damage, 2 Golden Agouti Roan Coronet Jr Boars, 1 Tortoise Shell Coronet Jr Boar, 1 Black Roan Silkie Jr Boar, 1 Black Coronet Jr boar, 1 Black Roan Silkie Jr sow very light roaning on her belly. 1 PE White American Jr Sow, 1 DE Cream American Jr Boar
000039 10/05/21 Sara & Joe Buchanan sjcavies@gmail.com Joe and I have the following available at the ARBA Convention. All Americans: Red-eyed Orange boars Red boars Lilac tan boars Lilac tan sow Lilac otter sow Black otter boar Beige otter boar Black marten sow Golden agouti sow & boar littermates.
000038 10/03/21 Andrew Miles milesloft@hotmail.com black marten inter sow, refined markings, would go very well on a boar with bold markings. American cream Sr boar. Pm on fb or email for more info.
000035 10/02/21 Taylor Dee Pastryboy2008@yahoo.com R/w texels and Blk/w texels bothBoars and sows. Self black Texel sow. Silver agouti Peruvian boar. silver agouti silkie boar R/w Peruvian boar. Black Peruvian sow. All pigs are brood stock most are younger. Can deliver to Convention.
000029 09/24/21 Cheri Schubert/Janet Wodrich ladyndn911@yahoo.com We have some very promising young silkies available for delivery to Convention. Crafty Cavies/Seminole Winds Cavies. We will be in Kentucky on Friday, make arrangements for your new addition to meet you in Kentucky.
000024 09/21/21 Hannah Dunlap Dunlha00@gmail.com Moving on my small Chocolate based dilute agouti and tan pattern American and American Satin program. 4-5 sows and 1 boar. You can inquire more on what color is each. Can bring to convention will be there Thursday will need to be picked up prior to Saturday.