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ID Date Name Email Description
990001 09/19/21 CavyFancy Webmaster sbdumitru@gmail.com Welcome to CavyFancy. Please post only-ARBA Nationals related messages. All others will be deleted.
000070 10/23/21 Margo Mpkvnc@gmail.com Golden agouti American boar. About 14 weeks old. Not in the show. Pedigree available. Pick up at my motel close to show .
000067 10/18/21 Faith Emergencysnail@yahoo.com Selling some black and white Peruvian pups in Shawnee KS.
000065 10/18/21 Suzette Rundle Cavycargo@yahoo.com Selling for another breeder: He has White Crested available. 2 REO junior boars, 1 red boar, 1 dark cream sow (with a blaze) and 1 cream boar (not a full crest. Must be presold.
000064 10/17/21 Dana Kolstad danakol@aol.com I still have a few Abyssinians available to sell at convention. Black Tan and Black Satin.
000061 10/17/21 Sue Davies daviesgirn@att.net Silkies- Golden solid /white broken boars and sows. TSW boar. All satin carriers. White crested red boar (fair but showable crest), teddy red/white broken boar. Fair patching, decent coat development.
000060 10/17/21 Theresa Svigel Allstarcavies@roadrunner.com Coronets in lilac/reo and white, reo and white, and golden agouti and white. Peruvians golden agouti/red and whiten red and white, and TSW, satin carriers. Boars and sows available, some have cost damage. Pictures are available on Facebook page East Coast Cavy Locator or request.
000058 10/16/21 Debra Dolph amathamdir@gmail.com Americans - Red breeding pair (only brought if pre-sold), Tan patterns (multiple colors). Abyssinian roan - black int boar (only brought if pre-sold). Peruvian Satin Broken Sr boar (only brought if pre-sold), Broken Jr Sow. Peruvian Broken Jr boar (only brought if pre-sold). Pictures and info are on FB - Amathamdir Rabbitry.
000055 10/15/21 Suzette Rundle Cavycargo@yahoo.com Abys available: 1 red Roan sow, 1 self red sow, 2 self red boars and a tri Roan boar.
000053 10/12/21 Bayleigh lileybayleigh72@gmail.com Self black Peruvian boar available from Peruvian x coronet oops possible himi and satin carrier
000051 10/08/21 Sarah Freund Harliehatching@aol.com Black American boar that carries chocolate available as well as a few skinny pigs in a few different colors. Delivery to convention available.
000050 10/08/21 Valerie Blaes B1nnydoc@aol.com I have several young breeder Peruvian Satin boars in community coat- Golden Solid, red, red roan; junior Peruvians in silver agouti, TSW, red; junior/ intermediate silkies in silver agouti, broken, agouti solid.
000046 10/06/21 Kitsiem Kitsiem@gmail.com 2 beautiful dilute broken Swiss boars. Can bring to Convention if pre-paid.
000045 10/06/21 Laurie Norman lauriebnorman@yahoo.com I have the following available for delivery to convention. Only pre-sold cavies will make the trip. 1 Black Coronet Intermediate Sow coat damage, 1 black Roan Coronet Jr Sow, 1 Golden Agouti Roan Coronet Intermediate Boar some coat damage, 2 Golden Agouti Roan Coronet Jr Boars, 1 Tortoise Shell Coronet Jr Boar, 1 Black Roan Silkie Jr Boar, 1 Black Coronet Jr boar, 1 Black Roan Silkie Jr sow very light roaning on her belly. 1 PE White American Jr Sow, 1 DE Cream American Jr Boar
000039 10/05/21 Sara & Joe Buchanan sjcavies@gmail.com Joe and I have the following available at the ARBA Convention. All Americans: Red-eyed Orange boars Red boars Lilac tan boars Lilac tan sow Lilac otter sow Black otter boar Beige otter boar Black marten sow Golden agouti sow & boar littermates.
000038 10/03/21 Andrew Miles milesloft@hotmail.com black marten inter sow, refined markings, would go very well on a boar with bold markings. American cream Sr boar. Pm on fb or email for more info.
000035 10/02/21 Taylor Dee Pastryboy2008@yahoo.com R/w texels and Blk/w texels bothBoars and sows. Self black Texel sow. Silver agouti Peruvian boar. silver agouti silkie boar R/w Peruvian boar. Black Peruvian sow. All pigs are brood stock most are younger. Can deliver to Convention.
000029 09/24/21 Cheri Schubert/Janet Wodrich ladyndn911@yahoo.com We have some very promising young silkies available for delivery to Convention. Crafty Cavies/Seminole Winds Cavies. We will be in Kentucky on Friday, make arrangements for your new addition to meet you in Kentucky.
000024 09/21/21 Hannah Dunlap Dunlha00@gmail.com Moving on my small Chocolate based dilute agouti and tan pattern American and American Satin program. 4-5 sows and 1 boar. You can inquire more on what color is each. Can bring to convention will be there Thursday will need to be picked up prior to Saturday.